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Strack™ is a complete solution for strata management that brings agencies, owners and service providers onto a service oriented digital platform and enables collaboration between stakeholders.
The system is built on a modern API technology stack and accessible from a wide range of devices – from desktops and tablets to mobile devices.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

Following in the footsteps of modern technology and ground-breaking business models (think Uber, Airbnb and eBay) we took time to re-think the Strata Management business processes utilising cutting-edge technology and optimising the user experience. As technology savvy Millennials are steadily increasing their ownership stake in strata communities in Australia, transparency, efficiency and availability of tools for online collaboration has become the new norm. And this is where Strack™ comes into play. Strack™ will provide your agency with significant competitive advantage, especially with engaged strata schemes seeking high level of customer service.


Strack™ provides a collaboration and communication platform for strata agencies to enable Owners and Strata Committees to engage in managing their strata property. It is primarily designed for agencies to streamline the processes, capture knowledge for long-term sustainability, efficiency and cost reduction.


More Features

End-to-end system for Strata Management
Collaboration tools for strata stakeholders
Service desk and workflow
Service oriented software with KPI reports
Invoice management
Levy processing
Accounting and financial reporting
Cloud based, secure and device agnostic
Strata Chat
Document Management
Debt Management
Meetings and electronic voting

Benefits for Strata Agencies


Strack™ brings unprecedented savings to agencies as it streamlines traditionally inefficient processing and minimises inefficiencies caused using offline communication channels. As a result, Strata Managers can be 50% more productive than with traditional systems.


Being a full cloud solution, agencies don’t need to invest in any infrastructure to run Strack™. Infrastructure, security and redundancy are completely managed by us, world class cloud provider – Amazon Web Services in Australian availability zone.

Real-time KPI monitoring

With Strack you are truly empowered to proactively manage service level agreements, address potential bottlenecks and capitalise on your service excellence.

Marketing, sales and organisational image

Being on Strack™ technology will give you outstanding advantage over competition using traditional systems. The ability to provide transparency, accessibility and appropriate KPI reporting will enhance your value proposition and customer retention.

Benefits for Owners’ Corporations


Strack™ provides a collaborative environment and necessary tools for Committees to better connect, access information needed for appropriate decision making. As ownership and committee membership changes frequently, Strack™ makes it much easier to transition responsibilities and enable new members to contribute.

Time and effort

Pervasive accessibility to information and notification mechanisms in Strack™ allow for minimising Committees and Owners precious time and effort and maximising their effort in building better residential communities.

Cost reduction

Through better engagement, using Strack™ real-time quoting system and algorithm to calculate the best value for money will help Strata Committees and Agencies make better decisions that can save significant amounts of money over time for Owners’ Corporations.

Increased satisfaction

Ability for owners to track status of their service requests, KPI reporting and transparency will result in higher levels of customer satisfaction. This will also mean better value protection of the most valuable investments – their homes and investment properties.

Benefits for Service Providers

Easier access to strata job market

– through transparent quoting via Strack™ at the tip of their fingers, service providers will find it easier to access the job market with estimated worth of 5.7 billion Australian Dollars a year.

Tools for collaboration and communication

Streamlined and direct communication channel with relevant stakeholders, Strata Managers, Building Managers, Committee members and Owners. Transacting via Strack™ results in significant efficiency and time saving as compared to the traditional, disjointed approach.

Enhancing value proposition

Service oriented tradies will be able to increase their market share through good service quality ratings and verified job reviews.

Quicker payments of invoices

– with the ability to track status of each invoice and streamlined approval process backed with KPI reporting, invoices will be paid more timely which will reduce cash flow stress for trades.


There are schemes in my portfolio that are completely disengaged, and they have delegated all office bearer responsibility to us. Can we manage schemes like this in Strack™, too?

Absolutely. Strack™ has the flexibility to support strata schemes with different level of owners’ engagement – from very engaged through schemes to non-functioning, with all responsibilities delegated to the strata agency.

How will you manage future product upgrades?

The system is built on modern technology stack with architecture that enables continuous improvement and feature additions with minimal to no disruption to the customer. Our users are expected to recommend features they would like to see added to Strack™ and a voting mechanism will help to determine the priorities.

What differentiates Strack™ from existing systems?

Strack™ was designed to enable collaboration for the entire strata ecosystem. Allowing all stakeholders to interact directly helps relieve the operational burden traditionally placed on Strata Managers so the whole process is streamlined, transparent and service oriented. As the interactions are visible and responsiveness and customer service measured through KPIs, this encourages all parties to provide high quality service.

How much does Strack™ cost?

This will depend on the size of your portfolio. Pricing is based on annual subscription base fee per lot. You can have as many users as necessary. For exact pricing contact our sales specialist on

How do I get access to Strack™?

Step 1Contact Us to request a demo and/or more information.
Step 2: We will set up your trial access to Strack™ and migrate a portion of your portfolio so you can experience the full power of the platform firsthand. Migrations from major strata software providers are largely automated and can be done quickly
Step 3: After successful trial we will perform full migration of your portfolio, will provide training to and additional support to assist the transition

About Us

We are a team of software technology and business savvy professionals with over 100 years of collective industry experience. We have resident skills and expertise in the fields of Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Project and Change Management, Training, Strata Management, Accounting, Business Management and Legal Services.
Our passion is designing and building technology to solve complex business problems for the benefit of wider community. Our approach with Strack™ is to partner closely with Strata Agencies to enhance their value proposition and create competitive advantage. Your success is our access!
We are advocates of agile software development and our platform will allow for frequent feature improvements which we can release in short (weekly) cycles without any disruption to your operation.